Professional Immigration Service

Professional Immigration Service

Our Australian marketplace is continuing to grow but the demand for quality, experienced managers and professionals is growing with it. Our trade relations with Asia and China in particular has firmly connected Australia to the global value chain and we need employees from China and Asia to help take advantage of this new expansion. As our Asian trading partners continue their growth, Australian operations are looking at how they can shape their competitive advantage and many are concluding that this can be done largely through their own staff.

Australian employers are taking advantage of recent regional economic prosperity through hiring a more Asia-savvy workforce to tap into the opportunities presented by the “Asian Century”.

The director of China Strategy and Development the University of New South Wales, Laurie Pearcey, understands how these new employees are going to rapidly make a difference for Australian Companies. He was quoted as saying “Employers everywhere are increasingly aware of the rhetoric that surrounds the Asian century, they’re increasingly attuned to the reality that China, and also Asia more broadly, are underwriting so much of the Australian economy,” he said. “Not only proficiency in Asian languages but also 'cultural IQ' is going to be an increasingly important asset to that company”.

China HR has found that having a combination of education and Asian language skills is a great advantage an employee brings to work but when you add significant experience and skills to the equation that takes the employee from good to great in benefiting their employer.
China HR’s Managing Director Simon Lane states, “There are some fundamental advantages in taking experienced Chinese professionals out of their current marketplaces and putting them into ours. They create an immediate bridge back to their originating markets and open up opportunities that many Australians simply cannot do, whether Mandarin-speaking or otherwise.” Mr Lane went on to say that possessing local knowledge and cultural awareness of doing business in China and Asia has helped Australian businesses build strong relationships far more quickly than when done within traditional frameworks. “It naturally closes the distance between parties if there is no language barrier, but it goes beyond that into areas of trust and comfort.” With a growing Chinese Community in Australia, smarter employers are starting to explore advantages in doing business with a greater Asian flavour. Chinese customers certainly feel more comfortable in doing business with people who understand them, both from a language and a cultural perspective. It seems clear that for the immediate future:

  • our Asian partners are going to continue to grow along with opportunities to trade with them;
  • our local Asian community will continue to grow and present local trading opportunities; and
  • Migration of highly skilled professional with strong experience will continue to grow.


China HR can secure you high calibre employees to grow your business. They source professionals and those qualified to fill shortages identified by the Australian Government using high quality Australian-accredited Migration lawyers and Agents. They can offer you access to:

  • 457 visa applicants which last 2 years and take approximately 3 months to process; or
  • 186 visa applicants who gain permanent residency and take around 6 months to process.
  • 187 visa applicants also gain permanent residency but become residents of towns and cities (outside of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Wollongong & Gold Coast) and thus only take 3 months.

The ideal employer:

Many employers use this waiting time to induct and train their intended employee in advance of their arrival in Australia. That way they can “hit the ground running!”

There are no fees charged to the Employer. All employees are paid competitive rates that comply with all immigration and employment law requirements, but at the same time bargains can be had where English is not perfect.

China HR screen and interview every applicant and determine fit and appropriate language skills for each employer. Background checks are done using Mandarin and Cantonese speaking HR professionals.

China HR construct all of the required sponsorship paperwork in conjunction with your nominated key contact, including the drafting of employment contracts (in line with your current ones) but allowing you to back out of contracts for appropriate reasons in the first 6 months. China HR negotiates pay rates with your consent and on your behalf and can even help you comply with training requirements.

If you would like to learn more about how you can participate in finding highly qualified and experienced Asian staff from offshore, please contact CHINA HR on 1300 CHINA HR (1300 244624) today.

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