Offsite Human Resources
Offsite Human Resources is a full-service Human Resources business that commenced operation in Sydney in 1998. Their service is for those companies that either cannot afford to, or do not want to support an HR infrastructure, as well as those not satisfied with existing costs and/or service levels.

Reference Check
Reference Check guarantees to save you from making mistakes in your recruitment by ensuring you receive full, unbiased reference checks to assist your recruitment process.

TotalHR is Australasia’s largest and most comprehensive human resources service provider with over one and a half thousand people dedicated to meaningful HR solutions across the entire HR spectrum.

iiNDUCTION™ is a customised and unique website sent to your new employees to help them become part of your team. At the same time it also alerts the rest of your people by email what they need to do to bring the new employee onboard.

Apercu EDI
Apercu EDI is a Business Intelligence company that uses advanced software to create trends and predictive views. It does this by examining the culture, leadership and engagement of an organisation on a regular basis.

The Sydney School of Protocol-Asians in Australia
The Sydney School of Protocol-Asians in Australia, offers a ‘next generation’ approach to developing protocol and etiquette skills for success in social and business settings. We use our established and practical curriculum with a focus on image and presentation, personal branding, career advancement, global intelligence, inter-cultural relations and customer service training.