What is Earn & Learn?

Earn and learn is a program crafted by China HR to assist foreign students with visas to secure a job in their chosen profession whilst still studying at University.

Who is it for?
The program is available to any university student in possession of a student Visa and who has the desire to work up to 20 hours per week (the maximum allowed on a student Visa for work).

Why has it been built?

It has become clear that universities are able to produce highly qualified potential employees without necessarily having the capacity to find placements for them. In some professions, graduates are unable to find work in their chosen profession for several years after their graduation. For graduating students on a student Visa, the situation is even direr. The federal government has invested in the incentivising Australian employers to hire 120,000 students over the next few years. This incentive excludes foreign students, making the difficult task of securing work after graduation even more impossible.

The majority of students who graduate from Australian universities and who hold a student Visa wish to stay in Australia and secure a Visa with the right to work. With China HR’s Earn and Learn program, students are able to secure part-time work for a year and a time in their chosen profession/job. With this kind of work experience it is our expectation that many will be offered full-time work and the potential of sponsorship at the completion of the University studies.

What do you get?

University students offered positions in the China HR Earn & Learn program will get:

  • a paid work opportunity that aligns to their university studies;
  • 20 hours of paid work per week;
  • a 12 month contract with options for renewal;
  • a genuine part-time position that allows them annual leave and sick leave (pro rata);
  • all appropriate superannuation and taxation payments made on the student’s behalf;
  • on job training provided by their employer;
  • participation in a relevant nationally recognised training qualification (certificate III or IV);
  • a group certificate from the employer demonstrating a genuine job and payments;
  • a certificate of service from the employer;
  • potentially a reference from the employer (subject to that company’s policies);
  • the possibility of potential sponsorship for a temporary Visa subject to performance, operational needs, and company policy.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the program will be determined by several factors that include:

  • the number of Earn And Learn places available through China HR;
  • the occupation requested;
  • the nature of the industry;
  • the preferred location of the student’s desired employer;
  • the ability of the student to complete 20 hours of paid work per week;
  • the ability of the student to manage their university hours to attend meaningful shifts of work at the employer; and
  • Language skills in some instances.

What should be taken into consideration is that the university student will be earning Award rates of pay every week. With superannuation contributions made on top, a student working 20 hours per week can expect to make between $20,000 and $25,000 per annum. Students electing to do a 2nd year will be given a small pay increase reflecting their loyalty and performance.

How do I pay?

Fees are payable in two parts. The first 60% (approximately) is paid on acceptance to the program, and the remainder is paid at the six-month point. All payments attract goods and services tax (GST) and invoices are provided electronically. Payments are only accepted via electronic funds transfer to the China HR nominated bank account.

How long does it go for?

Each program goes for 12 months. A student’s program may be renewed annually if they wish to continue and the company is agreeable. New fees would be charged but are discounted by 15% for subsequent years. If a student’s Visa is cancelled or they complete their studies and do not secure a bridging Visa allowing them to work in Australia, their program comes to an automatic completion.

What training do I get?

All students participating in the Earn and Learn program will be eligible to participate in a nationally recognised training qualification (certificate III or IV), through a certified and registered training Organisation. Students will be encouraged to supplement their university studies with management style learning programs. These RTO programs are delivered online and do not require classroom attendances. However examinations for certification may require attendance at the issuing institution.

In addition to the formal learning provided, each employer will provide on job learning which will be outlined in a specific and tailored program designed around the Earn and Learn program participant.

What refunds are available?

And Earn and Learn participant may withdraw from the program at any time in the first three months with the provision of one week’s notice in writing. A 50% refund of the upfront fee will be made at that time, no questions asked. If a participant (as an employee) is dismissed lawfully by the employer then no refunds apply. At the time when the second payment for the Earn and Learn program is due (at the six-month mark), the participant may elect to withdraw from the program with one week’s notice and not pay or continue to participate in either the certificate qualification and their employment. After the second payment has been made, no further refunds are available.

How do I apply?

Students may apply through any China HR recognise agent or directly to China HR by writing to enquiries@ChinaHR.com.au with the subject: Earn and Learn Application. An interview will be arranged and the appropriate paperwork forwarded and signed at that point.